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When you don’t want a floral arrange that takes up a lot of space on a table, vase centerpieces are a great idea. You can combine vase centerpieces and floral arrangements for maximum impact and minimal table space.

Flower vases are available in different sizes and in a variety of colors. In order to match the flower colors or table decor, one can purchase the class centerpiece in their chosen color. You can purchase sizes ranging from 8.5 inches to 24 inches, however it is important to have a tower vase centerpiece which is weighted at the bottom. To help highlight the vase, use a light decoration accompanied by a tower vase.

When creating a tower vase flower arrangement you should pick a pleasing color and size of vase. For a longer lasting bloom, and to kill bacteria, wash the vase with bleach. Then pour water in the vase till it reaches the halfway mark.

You can add a little plant food to increase the longevity of the flowers. Place a few stems of a flower, preferably white cherry blossoms or mini calla lilies, into the vase. Arrange curly willow stems and sprays of grass in your case for an elegant display.

This is only a single idea of how you can decorate the tower vase centerpieces. Also, you could make use of dried flowers or other dried foliage, or you can tie ribbons in bows around the vase. Another possible decorating idea is to fill the vase about three-quarters of the way up, and then arrange some flowers in the vase along with a floating candle or two.

For creating a romantic mood at dinnertime, use tower tea light holders. The centerpieces are available in a variety of metals and come in colors such as metallic black, silver, and gold.

Each centerpiece contains a recess perfect for a tea light, which serves as a gorgeous focal point in any table setting. A floral arrangement coupled with the centerpiece will add the final touch to your decorations.

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