Turn Your Vases Into Christmas Candle Holders

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Candlelight is a wonderful way to bring a warm ambience to any room at any time of the year but at Christmas time the effect is especially nice. You can use many different vase styles as candleholders with one or two simple enhancements.

A very simple, yet elegant idea involves a cylinder vase, a pillar candle and some small pinecones. Just sit the candle in the vase and add a few pinecones around it. The vase cost a buck, and the 6″ pillar candle was $1.25. Add a candle ring, if desired.

Employ a trio of 4″ x 4″ square vases wrapped in some pretty wire-edged ribbon as candleholders. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the vase. I discovered that you could easily remove the glue from the vase after Christmas when you want the vases for something else. Here we used a base of faux snow and added some gold-colored candles. These would look nice used in a row on the dining table.

These heavy-base vases were $2 each and a package of two Christmas votive candles cost $1. The ribbon comes on a 9′ roll for $1. You might also want to use these beribboned vases to hold candy or nuts.

Here’s an idea that serves the duel purpose of candleholder/candy dispenser. We started with a pair of hurricane vases, added a garland of red beads to the bottom of each one and topped with a white votive candle. Then, we hung candy canes to frame the candles front and back. I would recommend removing the candy canes or replacing them with plastic replicas before you light the candles. Alternatively, you could use battery-operated candles to get the flicker without the flame.

Each hurricane vase cost $1.25, the bead garlands were $1 each and the votive candles came in a package of nine for $1. The candy canes cost $1 for a package of ten.

Quick tip: If you’re using tea lights anywhere this season, you can buy the sets that have snowflake designs and sparkles on them, but once you light them, it won’t take long for the design to disappear. You can get more candles for your buck by just buying a package of 16 regular tea lights. Save the fancy ones for gift giving.

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