Decorative Vases As Centerpieces For Your Home

Vases Home Decor

Vases have long been used as decorative pieces inside the home. Whether used as flower holders or stand alone home accessories, they never fail to entertain guests and homeowners alike. Another common use for vases is as a table centerpiece. Given the right resources, it is possible for you to come up with a perfect vase centerpiece that will complete your home’s interior.

When choosing a vase to use as centerpiece, consider three basic factors; size, shape, and color. Along with these three, consider as well the type of vase you are using whether it is made of wood, glass, metal, or ceramic. You will also need to put the overall theme of your house or room in mind when doing so. This will ensure that the vase of your choice will blend well with its environment.

Not all vases can be filled with the same exact type of flower. Let the size of the vase give you an idea what flower will look best in it. For vases with large openings and narrow bases, the perfect flower choice would be those with large petals such as dahlias and lilies. On the other hand, single-stemmed flower such as roses and sunflowers will go well with narrow vases.

You can also add an accent to your vase d├ęcor by placing another vase beside it. This time, instead of putting flowers inside the second vase, fill it with other decorative pieces such as dried leaves, ferns, old coins, colorful buttons, seashells, small rocks, colorful stones, marbles, and other small items that will definitely look good and artsy inside a transparent vase.

There are perhaps hundreds of other creative ideas you can think of for the vase arrangement. If you are in for a modern look, line up a number of vases of the same shape and sizes. To match with your romantic themed bedroom, arrange vases with candles or candlestick. Only make sure they have the same look with the vase to achieve a monochromatic approach.

You do not have to spend much just to achieve something as beautiful. Make use of what you already have because the list is endless when it comes to decorative vase ideas. Using your imagination and creativity, you can always come up with something unique and attractive.

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