Christmas Decorating Ideas – Convert Your Summertime Flower Vase Into a Christmas Decoration!

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Your flower vases that hold beautiful arrangements in the summer don’t have to be packed away to gather dust in your basement once cold weather hits. These big clear vases are a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations. They can be filled to the brim with some wonderful, festive items.

Classic Large Christmas Light Bulbs

Do you have a strand of the vintage large bulb Christmas lights? I have fond memories of my father decorating our front tree with these big lights. These lights detached from the wire are a great item with which to fill your vase.

This is a great option if the strand of lights no longer works – instead of throwing them out to waste, you can reuse them in your indoor decorations. Just remove the wiring and viola, you have a vase filled with your favorite classic Christmas decoration: large bulb lights.

A large vase of these lights are a great addition to a classic Christmas decoration theme.

Pine Cones

Pine cones are another object you can use to fill up your vase. A benefit of using pine cones is that they are free (for most of us that have access to trees). To give your pine cones an added extra touch, use a little glue on a few edges and add glitter. This will give the pine cones a little sparkle when the light hits them.

A vase full of pine cones will look great with woodsy Christmas decoration theme.


Did you find some beautiful beads for your Christmas tree last year during the after-season sales? Is there actually no extra room on your tree for these beads this year? You can use them to fill up your vase instead.

If you don’t have enough beads to fill the whole vase, you can place any object in the center of the vase and place the beads on the outside of the object.

Beads with some gold or shine will really make your vase pop. This vase can serve as a great focal piece in your entryway, or even a centerpiece at your table.

Glass Ball Ornaments

These ornaments will look great in your vase as well. We always seem to have too many of these – whether from buying a few boxes on clearance from the year before, or through acquiring more and more other style ornaments from previous years. Instead of re-packing them away in boxes after finishing up the decorations on your tree, think about using them to fill up your clear vases.

You can use any color, finish, or size glass ball ornaments that you like. I like to use a combination of matte, shiny, and sparkly glass balls of the same color. It all depends upon how “loud” you would like to make this decoration piece.

As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to reusing your summer vases. While large vases accommodate these items more easily, multiple smaller vases could also do the trick. It’s all about utilizing things you have and making the most out of them!

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